This page attempts to answer all your frequently asked questions about bed bath and beyond coupons and shopping at BB&B. If you have any question, send it to us and we’ll attempt to answer it here.

Q. I received a coupon in my email. Can I print this and use it for purchases in-store?

A. Some coupons received in your email may only be intended for purchases made at the website. If a coupon can be used in-store, there is usually a button to print it.

Q. I have a coupon from a competitor. Can I apply this coupon towards my bed bath and beyond store purchases?

A. Bed bath and beyond does accept coupons from competitors. The only condition is that the item you intend to apply this coupon to must be in-stock at the competitor’s store. For example, you can apply a Yankee Candle coupon to your purchase if a jar candle at bed bath and beyond as long as Yankee Candle currently have that same jar candle in their store. Also you are not allowed to combine competitor coupons with any other coupon including bed bath and beyond coupons.

Q. How long does it take to receive the 20% off a single item coupon after I sign up for the bed bath and beyond newsletter?

A. You usually get the savings certificate sent to your inbox immediately. But according to bed bath and beyond, it can take up to a week for you to get the email. Sometimes the spam filters from your email provider might send the email into your spam box. If you have not received the email a few minutes after signing up, you should check your spam box. You should also check that you used the the correct email address and that you checked the appropriate box to receive email offers and promotions.

Q. Can I use more than one bed bath and beyond coupon when checking out?

A. We spoke to a bed bath and beyond rep and we were told you can use as many 20% off single item coupons you have during checkout. You should remember thought that it limited to one coupon per item.

Q. Can I combine different coupons with offers?

A. You can use multiple coupons during checkout but you cannot combine them with other coupons or promotions currently going on. For example, you cannot apply a 20% off coupon to an item and then apply a $5 off coupon to the same item. You can apply a 20% off coupon to one item, and then apply the $5 off coupon to the rest of the items as long as the other items total $15 or more.

Q. Can I use the coupons I receive via mail or email for online purchases?

A. You can’t directly use these coupons to make purchases online. They are to be redeemed in-store only. However, if you find an item online that is not available at your store, you can ask the store manager to order it for you and apply your coupon to the item when you come to pick it up. This policy may vary from district to district so you might have to check with your store first.